• Day33


    December 15, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Lucca is a quaint walled ancient city that has been walled 3 times and proud of the fact that their wall is still intact for all 4km. The first by the Romans in 180BC, then in mediaeval times 1081AD and lastly in 1500AD by Borghi/ Renaissance to protect the settlements.
    We are staying in the "anfiteatro" where in ancient times gladiators fought.
    Last night, we had a lovely meal that Sweeleng bought from Da Pasquale. The food was exquisite and free flow of water and bread with no cover charge or service charge. A rare gem. The restaurant only serves what is in season and only what the owner can source from the market that day. Pictures of food will no doubt be featured in this blog.
    The first thing we did in Lucca this morning was to walk off last night's dinner, the entire length of the wall before lunch. After 4km, Awesomes were starving again, that is after sustenance was had on the wall. Today was mainly an orientating around Lucca and sightseeing day.
    As we couldn't find a guide, Ruby did the research and I did the navigating around the sights. These self guided tours are proving to be quite successful both in Siena and now in Lucca with the help of google maps of course!!
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