• Day11

    "Beauty and water"

    September 24, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Today we’ve seen lots of beauty surrounded by water.
    We rose early in the morning to get our asses East to the Blue Lagoon. As the name kinda reveals, this is a lagoon with blue water .. You’d expect blue water, but this water had at least 3 different tints on blue. Perfect place to go snorkelling. And it is; IF you think about taking applying sunscreen every hour, since we’re still almost British white. The result, poor Dreetje turned into a lobster. The following week would be a very painful one.

    After chilling for a while we continued to the Water Palace. The journey to the palace is a road that goes through the mountains, a road which becomes greener by the minute. In the distance you can see the volcano “ Mount Agung”. The volcano is active by the way, and almost completely destroyed the Palace after it erupted in 1963.. Very reassuring.

    On our way towards the palace we were reminded of the fact that you always need to be veryyy careful on the road (in general) in Asia. Especially in the mountains on a scooter. We passed some people who had just been in an accident. A local guy was laying in a very uncomfortable position under a car. Clearly he wasn’t having a good day. We didn’t stop since there were already 10 people helping and an ambulance was on the way. We’d have a strange feeling the rest of the day while on the road.

    The palace was built in 1909 during the Dutch East Indies era. The architect was aDutchman and during this time the palace had the very creative name of : “ Waterpaleis”. Nowadays the palace is called : “Taman Soekasada Ujung”, which sounds better in my opinion. Pictures of the palace can be found in the post above.

    On our way back home I was amazed by the fact how FKING crazy some people are. We’re going downhill, during rush hour, and this cement truck is driving very aggressively. He’s overtaking cars / scooters just before a turn, maintaining as much speed before braking promptly. I didn’t want to end up like the guy we saw earlier. So put my pride away and let him pass.
    Eventually we returned to our guesthouse safe and sound.
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