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Two blondes abroad

Dreetje & David exploring Southeast Asia.
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  • Day6

    "We don't like people"

    September 19 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    As you might have noticed, I'm writing everything in English. My phone/laptop is in Englsih, I read (mostly) in English and here we speak a lot of English. Hey, so why not write in English as well? ( sorry for those who prefer Dutch :p )

    Yesterday we went to Seminyak, and it was my first day on the scooter. Boy, what kind of day on the scooter we had haha. Dreetje was navigating, and she navigated me to a small ( but pretty busy ) road with loads of giant holes ( not holes in concrete, no just big ass stones missing) / small ledges to fall of (+- 1m) / and narrow streets.
    After a ride of 30 minutes, but which felt like hours, we arrived safely. I am not going to lie, I did a lot of panic sweating. We went to the beach and afterwards we just strolled around to take in all the new culture. Of course on the beach of Seminyak we found the famous beach swings you see in every Instragram picture. I repressed the child in myself and did not swing. Out of protest and cause I would feel like kind of an idiot on a swing. Chilled for a while, had some dinner and drove back to our villa during rush hour. It was a pretty intense first scooter day.

    Since Canggu and Seminyak are really busy with constant traffic jams at some chokeholds, we decided to visit the more quieter places in the West.
    We're not always too fond of lots of people in one place. Heck, we're not always fond of people in general. So the sight of empty beaches (except for some local fishermen) was very welcoming. On this beautiful black beach was a swing as well, one did like. Not a swing to take beautiful instragram pictures with, no just a crappy swing for the sake of swinging. On another beach we did some rock climbing and took some photos. Had some dinner at the same place as a couple of days ago since this was the closest known (Western like) toilet available in the area.
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  • Day4

    "Exploring West of Canggu"

    September 17 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Since there isn't much more to do in Canggu except for surfing, eating and partying, we went to Pura Tanah Lot. This is a Hindu temple located on giant rock a little bit off shore of the Indian Ocean. The temple is only accessible during high tide, otherwise you get wet feet.

    Here was the second time we were being
    photographed. This time we we're asked nicely though. At this point it was feeling really weird. I'm writing this a couple weeks later, so now I know it would get
    slightly less weird.

    Had a solid laugh at seeing the first TSNAMI ADVISORY sign in my life. Advisory is as follows : Leave beach immediately to high ground or inland.
    Wow, no shit.. thanks for the advise, hadn't thought of that myself. I just can't comprehend there are people who don't think of this themselves.
    I think monkeys would act the same, as a survival instinct. Yet we need signs..

    Anyhow, the temple is a beautiful sight to behold. To enter the temple we had to be blessed and cleansed like a Hindu. Therefore we needed to drink from the water and wash our hands. The Hindu priest ( Pemangku ) or temple priest is responsible for the dispersing of holy water, and so he did on our heads. We also got a flower behind our ear, and some rice between our eyes. We were al excited that we could see our first Hindu temple, so we went up the stairs. It were a staggering 10 steps, till we reached the sign which said NO ENTRY.
    We paid the priest some 15.000 rupiah so we could enter, little did we know this was only a donation. We should've known better, this was our first "rip off".
    It was worth the 15.000 rupiah (€1,00) for having a good laugh :)

    Next rip off was around the corner, although we didn't know that at the time.
    We were walking up the cliff to get a drink somewhere, here we saw some animals laying around and some bats chilling upside down. We decided it was a nice place to take some pictures of what seemed exotic animals ( but were obviously domesticated). The owner told us the animals were called "Luwaks" and they feed them coffee beans. The Luwak processes the beans and afterwards shit them out. During this process the Luwak enriches the taste of the coffee bean. We had never heard of it so we were all like wowwww thats cool (classic ignorant tourists).
    The coffee tasted pretty decent, and to us it looked like the animals had a pretty comfortable life.

    Afterwards we found a cool place called Joshua District, an art gallery / restaurant / co working space. The place had a cool vide and a beautiful view over the ricefields.
    We had some dinner, learnt a couple of Balinese words and made our way back in the dark to our villa.

    At night I was laying awake because of the jetlag, so I thought lets Google Luwak/Luwak coffee. It turns out most of the Luwaks used to produce the coffee beans suffer a pretty horrible life. They life in small cages and are forced to follow a diet of mainly coffee beans. The diet of course to boost the quantity of beans the Luwaks produce. I also read that around 80% of all the coffee thats being sold of as "Luwak coffee" is fake. A genuine organic cup of Luwak coffee can cost up to $100. We paid around €4.00, it's safe to assume we drank some sort of other coffee bean. I could go back to sleep with a clear conscience.
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  • Day3

    "Chilling in Canggu"

    September 16 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Woehoeeee we've arrived in Indonesia. After a really long que at the customs and a short search for a sign with Andrea's first name ( which I'm not going to mention..), we hopped in the taxi and were only 30 minutes away from a good nights rest.
    Of course the adress that the driver received from the Villa was wrong, so after a little detour and delay of 20 minutes we could finally get some sleep.

    We woke up in a pretty decent room (later we discovered we paid wayyyyy too much for this stay, first thing we learnt), with a beautiful view on the pool and garden.
    OF COURSE TODAY WAS DREETJES BIRTHDAY :) but unfortunately as the bad boyfriend I am, I haven't arranged anything for her birthday ://
    The months leading up to our trip have been really intense, which wouldn't be a problem, IF I started on time with arranging everything..
    Yes mothers / friends reading this.. I will make it up to her :)

    We've rented a scooter at our villa and went to the beach, which was only a short 5/10 minute drive. Dre was driving since I was way too scared at the sight of Balinese traffic. First of all, they drive on the left side of the road. Second of all, practically no rules exist.
    Thirdly, scooters EVERYWHERE and they drive like crazy!!! It would take some days getting used to Asian traffic.
    We had a nice birthday dinner for Dre at a fancy place up in a tree house called "La Brisa", the kind of pool/luxury place we don't really feel comfortable at, but the food was good and we could relax for bit.
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  • Day2

    "12 hours in China"

    September 15 in China ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Well, after flying for 11 hours, we can now rest for 12 hours in China.
    Oh wait, we haven't done any research so we don't know if there's anything to do around here and / or how te get there, furthermore everything is in freakin Chinese and WIFI doesn't work, great.
    Well at least we can get something to eat and get laughed at by some Chinese woman for the way that I ( David) use my chopsticks. ( that wouldn't be the last time)

    Anyway, we decided to chill a bit in the local park. Slept for a while on grass that looked like grass, but felt like spikes. Decided to head back to the airport and hang out there.
    Even at a decent sized airport, the Chinese we're amazed by the sight of two blondes. We've had the first encounters of being pointing at, having your picture taken or just children / grown ups being on awe of beholding the sight of two white skinned, blonde and blue eyed Westerns. ( this also wouldn't be the last time)
    I was surprised by the ease of which we could enter / leave the country, although glad that we could continue our journey farther South.

    PS : check the Tetris highscore, not too bad for a "non" Asian hehe
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  • Day1

    "And we're off"

    September 14 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Finally, the first physical step towards our journey. We've been working towards this moments for quite some months now. Although saying goodbye to all of our friends and family was a bit tough, we we're quite relieved that the moment of leaving was finally there.
    We've had a solid "Wave off" party of 16 people!!!!... (that's a lot)
    We went to have a beer before boarding the plane. While we were enjoying this at 11:00 in the morning, we realised it's really special to have that many people being so invested in our lives, that they took the effort to come and say goodbye at the airport.
    We boarded the plane with a sense of being loved and appreciated.
    Okay enough with the "sentimentals", we wouldn't want to give in to our feelings, now would we..
    Only a 11 hour flight to Xiamen, a 12 hours transit time in China, followed by another 5 hour flight to Denpasar, and we would arrive at our destination.

    PS : unfortunately we don't have good pictures of everyone who came to say goodbye. To those, THANKS FOR COMING! We appreciate it BIG TIME! :)
    Lots of love
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