• Day156

    28 hours of bus & Good evening Vietnam !

    August 13 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    The bus to go to Hanoi was less comfortable than the one I had taken previously to go to Vientiane. It was a sleeping bus too, but with less space and that I had to share with an invasive neighbor. I was also sick - a mix between a cold and the aftermaths of the red wine bottle we drank at lunch !! (I think I Iost the habit of drinking wine...).

    After a night without much sleep, we crossed the Lao-Vietnam border very early in the morning. My first border-crossing by bus and not by bicycle ! It was long but not too complicated. We just had to take all the luggage out of the bus, scan then and put them in again. Then, after another day and a change of bus, I reached Hanoi in the evening. It was a bit stressful to start cycling in the crazy traffic at night, but I managed to reach my hostel safely. Ouf ! I went to bed directly, not even caring about the noise from the streets (karaoke singers, shouting romantic songs in their microphones, with their amplifiers just below my window...). Welcome to Hanoi ! 😄
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