• Day2

    First Day Sailing

    October 1, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today the weather was bright and sunny and after a morning briefing and a visit to the supermarket for supplies, the boat was prepared and Penny took the helm. Her trusty crew manned the ropes and Rincewind, the name of the yacht, glided from its mooring and headed for the open seas.

    Sounds impressive doesn't it ... and it was to be honest. The water was calm and a lovely deep blue and the temperature pleasant. Once out of the shelter of the port there was a favourable wind and soon the main sail was suitably hoisted.

    The sails were used all day with the wind gusting to around 20 knots at times and it really was fun even though there was plenty to do at times. It seemed like no time at all when the destination port was sighted then Penny was skilfully manoeuvring Rincewind into her birth for the night.

    The day ended with a G&T all-round then a lovely meal out in a nearby restaurant. No sign of a sunset though, so maybe tomorrow.

    No pirates either.
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    Richard Valsler

    Lovely images and delightfully relaxing narrative so far. Thank you. Richard.