• Day7

    Where's the Wall(y)?

    August 12, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Probably in the White House...Mexico should be safe from North Korea as they don't like Trump either...hope we get past the wall to continue our adventure.

    In the morning we just chilled....again! (I don't think my heart can take too much of this inactivity)... and waited to Uber on out to the airport for our 15:00 flight to Cancun.

    A short flight with American Airlines to Cancun and then a dedicated pick up to take us to Mahekal Beach Resort.

    We are here for four nights before we move on to The Hard Rock Hotel. I booked this as it is on the beach and there is a diving school here so Eva can do her PADI Open Water Diver Course. The only thing is that she has to do some studying, which she has never been keen on. So the first thing we were given was the manual and we had to read chapter one (77 pages) for our morning start at 08:30...will she actually be able to get out of bed?

    Just along from the hotel we went to 5th, not quite the same 5th Avenue as previously. We went for a stroll to try to find a bank, but I mucked up the directions and it was to no avail. I couldn't even get an ATM to give me some money. So I rang the bank in the UK that gives 24 hour service and explained the situation. They told me that the cards were on stop due to some unusual activity. Had I bought a few items on Amazon etc?
    'No' I replied. Hang about, I suspect that Fiona has been must be raining in France...and my office in the U.K. will soon be resembling a Royal Mail sorting office.

    So we wandered around getting rather hot and sweaty, with the locals saying hello or Ola every few meters and me replying accordingly. Eva was quite intrigued as to how I could speak Mexican...bless. This wall that Trump is on about building certainly won't have to be that high if the locals are anything to go by. They all seemed very nice and pleasant to me, so perhaps all the bad guys are already in the US in which case the wall will succeed in keeping them there.

    Eva was complaining a lot about how hungry she was. So we returned back to the hotel and went for dinner and did our scuba diving homework.

    After which she challenged me to a game of pool (the idea is to pocket your coloured balls into the pockets Eva) and then a game of table tennis (the idea is to hit the ball so it goes over the net and lands on your opponents side of the table Eva), all very exciting and embarrassing.

    'Dad when we go scuba diving tomorrow will I get sea sick?'

    'No darling not in the swimming pool'

    'Night Eva'

    'Night Dad'
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