• Day19

    Eva where are you?

    August 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Last night the last thing Eva said to me was not to wake her up early.

    So I didn't. I had woken up at 03:00 and done a few phone calls to the UK and of course the usual emails. So I was kicking my heels early on after dozing off again and went for breakfast early. A few more calls over breakfast and the Apple Store was open two blocks away.

    As fate would have it we had been to the Apple Store on our earlier arrival to change the iPad. When I was there I looked at the new iPhone 7 plus as I just simply need a bigger screen the way my eyesight is heading. So I needed to buy Eva an iPhone following my swim in Heaven night club so she may as well have my 4 week old iPhone 6 and I get the bigger one. That is two iPhones now that I have fallen in water with during the past 6 months. I wish they would make a waterproof one.

    It took a while to sort it out but as usual the service at Apple was top notch.

    Oh well I may as well walk another block to Soho House and collect my new membership card that had arrived. The waiter had given my card to somebody else our last gist over two weeks ago. so I sat on the roof terrace by the pool with all the lovelies doing some work. Still no news from Eva, no texts or messenger messages....perhaps there was something wrong. So I sent a few messages to her over the next hour. Still no response. Perhaps there was something wrong? She was grumpy and tired last night I hope she is ok?

    I returned the hotel and range her room.

    'Dad where the f&?@ have you been?'

    'I have been messengering (if that is a word) you for ages?'

    'Dad you idiot I don't have a phone...remember.'

    'Ah yes...that is why I went to Apple to get you one'

    I laughed, she didn't. She had been up since 09:30 and knocked on my door three times getting rather concerned that I might have croaked it during the night. So she had been hanging around for 5 hours.

    Oh well at least she now had a new iPhone which I promptly set up and she was back in the civilised world.

    I rang the helicopter tour company and we could get on the next flight which was in 30 minutes time from near the Statten Island ferry terminal. We made it just in time and did the 15 minute flight to the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson and back again to the heliport for the bargain basement price of $450...blimey! Still, it was worth doing it for Eva's New York visit.

    Unfortunately on the way to the 9/11 memorial pools we walked past a a few shops that just had to go in. Do these clothes shops put something in the ac units to make men go to sleep and loose the will to live? So that cost me too and of course her sister just had to have something even though she wasn't on the holiday.

    As Eva hadn't eaten all day we headed back to the hotel to get refreshed for going out.

    My clothes had arrived from Mexico so I now had my long trousers my T-shirts and a small plastic bag containing some women's knickers. All I can say is that I have no idea where they came from. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

    We left the hotel to the beer Keller next door for Eva to have a glass of water and then it was off to Fat Chick a couple of blocks away for Southern Fried Chicken.

    I said goodbye to Eva in the hotel elevator. She was in the 8th and I was on the 12th. I was a bit waylaid and went to check out the 18th floor where the club was located with views over to New Jersey and Manhattan. It was very nice but I decided to as always act my age and retired to bed.
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