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    Day 11 Isafjordur, Iceland

    August 11, 2019 in Iceland ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

    Isafjordur I think roughly translates to icy fjord which is fair enough as even in the middle of the Icelandic summer it was pretty cold. We had arrived hoping/expecting to be able to go whale watching. Unfortunately due to the weather and poor sea conditions, that got cancelled so we were left to our own devices in this thriving metropolis....

    Well actually it’s a small township of about 4000 people and as it was a Sunday there wasn’t much open, so after a quick trip into town which mostly consisted of having a hot chocolate in a local cafe so we could use the wifi, we came back to the ship after only a couple of hours ashore. As it happened most of the ship was back on board soon after midday as the afternoon excursions were cancelled as well (again due to weather). I didn’t think it was quite as a cold as the previous day, but the forecast top temp was 5 degrees, you’ve got to love an Icelandic summer....

    Ship life update - Christine had a “win” at bingo! She won $65, but having spent $25 that day and the previous day that bingo was played meant she is only up $15, but still...

    Trivia Update - another day another second place. The team that usually gets everything correct had their gun players back and predictably beat us with a perfect score to our 19/21.

    It may be a couple of days until we can post this and the Greenland updates as the wifi access is getting pretty limited. Will post a couple of around the ship shots as well as we have a couple of sea days coming up.

    Photos attached... 1; the only place in town you can buy alcohol (I had hoped to get some Icelandic beer or wine, but being Sunday this photo of the outside is as close as we got.. 2; the Viking Sky also in port that day (it’s the same ship that almost sunk off the coast of Denmark - NB may have been Germany... a few months ago. 3; Downtown! 4; Isafjordur harbour
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