• Day24

    Home Sweet Home

    April 29, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Well we have arrived back on home territory again and it’s good to be home. Going through the airport in Croatia was a breeze compared to Russia. We shot through check in, security, customs etc in about half an hour max and had plenty of time to sit down to breakfast. Our cases were all a bit fatter with the extra souvenirs, cheese etc we had brought back with us.

    Heidi was still excited to be going on another plane! Eli managed to score an empty row which he and Heidi sat in as it was the front row so they had more room. I enjoyed the luxury of being able to sit and read or sleep without having to entertain a toddler! This flight to Qatar was 5 1/2 hours or thereabouts so not too bad.

    In Qatar we had some lunch and then took Heidi to the playground to wear off some of her abounding energy! She spent the next hour and a half playing there while we took turns to go walking.

    The next flight was the big one - 12 hours or so. We again managed to get a row for me and Heidi and Eli had a spare row this time so he could sleep. I had a couple of people try and sit in my row (it wasn’t their assigned seat) and had to politely tell them we had requested a spare row (they had actually changed our seat tickets to accommodate).

    Heidi wet herself again 🤦‍♀️ she had done it on the last flight when sitting with Eli and we had changed her into the only spare clothes I had packed. We’ve had no accidents the entire holiday until now! She was watching something both times and we think she wasn’t concentrating or something. So I had to hope her jeans would dry by the end of the flight - ugh!

    We had a few things to declare when we arrived in Adelaide - cheese, wooden articles, honey. We lost the honey cos it was creamed (it needs to be runny so they can see any debris apparently) and one of the cheeses we had opened while we were away and wrapped in alfoil and we lost that too. Then as we had been walking around fresh water lakes and wilderness areas they washed the shoes we had been wearing. They were all so nice and friendly though - it was a nice change!

    Grandpa, Grandma and Mum came to pick us up at the airport. We gave Heidi a quick bath back at their place and then hit the road back to Mildura. Heidi was excited at the prospect of seeing kangaroos again as she would ask when we were away - ‘where are the roos?’ 😂

    It was a great holiday and we made lots of fun memories!
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    Sharon Scolyer

    Enjoyed reading of your travels through your blog and happy that you are now safely home :)

    The D And E

    Yeah, agree with the above. Loved reading about you're travels. Hope you're enjoying settling into home.

    Linda Janssen

    Thanks for the daily instalments. We really enjoyed reading what you were doing. Good to see you again xx

    Big Sis

    So happy you are all home safe and sound! Thanks for your effort to keep us updated with your activities - enjoyed it! xo