• Day8

    Kandy can do

    February 27, 2019 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Zoran had a dream to drive a tuktuk and it nearly came true! We spent much of yesterday trying to convince every tuktuk driver we met to let us drive to Kandy whilst he took the bus and then we would hand it over, with lots of money. Nalin, Mr Tuktuk as he is immortalised in my contacts, agreed and after protracted negotiations all was set, until this morning when he changed his mind! C'est Sri Lanka!

    So instead, we took the bus which was brilliant! Full of people, music, colour and noise. We only had to wait 5 minutes and even got seats with our suitcases being stowed in the boot.

    Kandy feels like a proper city and is teeming with people, gridlocked with cars, deafening with horns, stinking with drains and stifling with pollution - well that's how it seems to us having spent so much time in the wilds. The bus terminal was utter hell! Luckily my research has led me to book a homestay in the hills above Kandy in a Tara lookalike villa (Gone with the wind). Peace, fresh air and everything spotlessly clean! Our room is huge and looks over the river and jungle - we were told not to leave our balcony door open as the monkeys will get in!!

    I couldn't resist more steps - so good for you! - so we went to view the Bahirawakanda Buddha which overlooks the city. The views were misty in the rain and it was a bit sad, neglected yet very atmospheric.

    Then we hit the town and wandered around looking for vests! Zoran is s connoisseur of fine quality cotton vests and bought 10 😀. I'm considering a few purchases but no money has changed hands yet. We had dinner at the villa - what a good idea that was.
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