• Day162

    Surf Camp! (Moliets)

    August 30, 2015 in France ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Surf camp!! We had signed up for a week at Dreamsea surf camp, an all inclusive week of camping, food and surf lessons.

    First impression when we arrive is good- we are greeted by Jazz, the very eccentric "entertainment manager". The campsite is very established and we are super happy with our big teepee tent! What we didn't realise however though is that the grounds is actually part of a large caravan park type set up and there are several surf camps all around us. Its a big camp- 110 at max capacity, fortunately there's only 70 people this week. It also doesn't take long to discover that approximately 90% off the people here, including staff, are between 15- 25 years old. We are officially old!!

    As the week progresses we discover that the camp is actually a drinking/ party camp, with some optional surfing on the side. There are 20 "staff", we're not sure what half of them do, other than walk around in their teeny tiny shorts that expose half their bum cheeks (apparently the latest fashion these days). The other half are a mix of crazy eccentric Spanish guys/ gals and... actually that's it, they are all crazy!

    Oh well, if you can't beat em, join em.. we embrace the experience and get into the groove, hanging with the young'ns and even partaking in "flunky ball", which Suki thought was a ball sport but actually turned out to be a beer skulling game dressed in team costumes. There were lots of activities including watching an amateur skating comp, beach volleyball, sangria night, movie night, and ending with a "Canary Island Bbq" party on the last night which was actually pretty fun. We still stuck away early most nights to watch "Blacklist" in our tent though :-)

    Oh yeah, the surfing.. we were a bit unlucky with the conditions, starting with a storm the first night bringing in some crazy swell... We still learnt a few tips n tricks from our instructor Alex though and got a few good days in. It was a good workout battling the waves and the current, not to mention the obligatory warm up, made hilarious by Javi, the 20 yr old surf assistant. We even managed to fit in a little bit of of skate boarding in the afternoon :-)
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