• Day10

    Day 10 Hoi An

    October 11, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    The night ended already at 4 AM! We left for the airport with a taxi. Then we flew to Da Nang which is a city close to Hoi An in the center of Vietnam. When we arrived in Hoi An we met Eggi&Theresa who came from Ho-Chi-Minh City. We went to the tailor together to treat ourselves with custom tailored shirts and suits - Hoi An is famous for their tailors. Afterwards we strolled through the old town and just as we stopped in a place to drink a beer it was beginning to rain. It was the first rain we saw so far on our trip. Later the day we did a bike tour organized by our hostel. It led us on Cam Kim Island south of Hoi An. The guide showed us a temple, explained a lot of the symbols and how the local people worship their ancestors. Then we had to leave the tour because of an appointment at the tailor. In the evening we enjoyed some beers and free Rum+Coke in the hostel with Eggi&Theresa. For dinner we went to Bup Café which was a recommendation from Joni and it was really worth it. Awesome food and great owner, he is so dedicated to his work: Perfect end of a day although it was raining heavily in between.Read more