• Oct18


    October 18, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    We followed the breadcrumb trail left by instagram and found ourselves in landscapes normally reserved for Hollywood green screens. Alien backdrops gave way to photo op after photo op as we wound our way back to Reykjavik. A gray blanket was wrapped tightly around the city. Even with its gray cloak Reykjaviks art culture seems to have taken Icelands natural beauty as its inspiration and manifested it into a colorful vibrant bustling community. One last stop before our inevitable return was a small shop tucked away in Reykjaviks old town. An unassuming black door and a vague sign marked the entrance. Once inside an ambient soundtrack radiated around the black sparsely decorated walls. Whether or not this store had anything to actually sell was in question. The line between art exhibition and retail shop was being blurred here. A series of old Icelandic books were tacked up to the wall next to the counter where a female clerk stood. As we examined the books she informed us that each book had a distinct sent. Feeling a bit apprehensive that maybe she was having a laugh and just wanted to see up sniff the hanging books we obliged. They indeed did each have what appeared to be a custom sent. The clerk then explained to us that this was family run where each sibling three in total took care of different aspects of the store. She was responsible for the small wooden toothbrush and black locally sourced toothpaste as well as the tea that was offered for sale. Her sister responsible for the visual photography hanging from the walls and the looping video that was visible once you climbed a ladder in the far corner of the store. Lastly she told us her brother was responsible for the ambient soundtrack that played throughout the store as well as jokingly told us that he was responsible for the scented books and "cologne" that was available next to the toothbrush. We purchased the soundtrack and left the mysterious store with more questions than answers like how this small store that wound not be out of place in Tokyo or New York found its way to this remote place? And how could you possibly clean your teeth with black toothpaste? Iceland a land of beauty and mystery.Read more