• Day8

    Things I ate

    September 5, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Most of the time I eat bread, cheese, fruit, and nuts. It's cheap, easy, and requires little refrigeration or cooking

    But obviously I gotta try the local cuisine when I can. I was excited to eat in Prague because the Czech food is more interesting than German, and also it's cheap as hell. Pictured:

    1. Pork knuckle (knee), crusty bread, pickled peppers, mustard, horseradish
    2. Sausage, potato dumplings, cabbage
    3. Braised beef smothered in pureed veggies, cranberry sauce, (unsweetened) whipped cream, and a lemon. Served with bread dumplings. Sounds weird but it was very tasty! It's called svíčková. And omg, bread dumplings are amazing.
    4. Czech pancakes. They are much smaller and denser and I'm a fan. Served with....plum? I think. And unsweetened whipped cream. Also a fan.
    5. I didnt eat this but these chimney cakes are traditional desserts. They're spun and roasted over a fire, dusted with sugar, and then filled with ice cream!
    6. Gingerbread is also very Czech, apparently. There was gingerbread everywhere. This guy was quite tasty.
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