• Day8


    October 30, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    ...And we are entering round two of training, this time in Singapore, with colleagues from China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and of course Singapore. It’s a great crowd, some of them I have met before when I traveled to Shanghai and Singapore, some I only know from mails or skype calls. The group is huge, but we are 4 trainers in total and together we will manage. The venue is in the pool area of the hotel, very convenient. Everything went fine on the first day, but it is quite different from the Houston group. I can’t connect with everyone immediately as the group is too large for that. So I need to let go a bit ;) We finished a bit late, I tried to catch up with my mails afterwards, and then wanted to go out for dinner. But it was raining heavily, so I went to one of the hotel’s restaurants. Yummy chinese dishes - shrimp and some veggies. Almost fell asleep over the food ☺️ still struggling with jet lag.Read more