• Day50

    Hot Water Beach

    January 31, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    I dragged myself out of bed a quarter past seven and went and brushed up before finishing packing. I headed down to the kitchen and ate a small breakfast. Then I headed to the bus stop where I met Caroline and Sylvain, the bus was late but we got on and left to pick up more people. Once the bus was full we headed out of the city and to our first stop. It was a cute little town by the water where everyone got some food and then we carried on to Cathedral cove. We had about a 45 minute walk before getting to the beautiful beach. The water was a little chilly but very refreshing. At one point we explored some caves and went through the big tunnel to a connecting beach. After an hour there we walked back and headed to Hot Water Beach where we quickly unpacked our stuff and then headed to the beach. The tide was almost to the hot pools but we managed to enlarge a previously dug pool and enjoy an hour of soaking. There I met Sandy, Tom, and James before heading back to the hostel and making some food. After food a few of us went and jumped on a big trampoline looking thing before rejoining the rest to be social. After a long night of music, star gazing, and lots of talking we all passed out in our beds relatively early so we could wake for the sunrise.Read more