• Day51


    February 1, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    I had set some very early alarms so I could wake up and go to the hot pools at low tide with most of the others. I was way too tired to wake up then so I decided I'd just wake up for sunset but that plan failed as well. I woke up around 6:30 and quickly got ready and had a half assed breakfast before boarding the bus again. After a very restless bus ride we stopped at a supermarket and ate some lunch before driving the rest of the way to Waitoma. Our first stop was at the Black Water Rafting center where all of us had to pay and get checked in. Then those with later times went and checked into the hostels. I tried to get some sleep for the hour I had to spare but my room was quite loud due to Daniel, Felix, Kk and Siri and I gave up after awhile. Then it was time to go to the rafting so I changed bought some caffeine and then jumped in the van. We all got suited up and ready to go in our cold wet wetsuits. After a short little drive we were at the entrance to the cave which we had to abseil down into. Besides the fact that I was so light that I couldn't go very fast it was very fun and a great first abseil experience. After that we walked a little and then zip lined in the pitch dark as we watched the glow worms. Next was snack time consisting of hot chocolate and a very large flapjack. Then we jumped down into the water and pulled ourselves up the stream where our guide told us all about the glow worms. After rafting back down we continued walking and sliding our way down the cave. After another stop for chocolate we climbed our way out of the cave through a series of waterfalls which was a great way to end the trip. Once back at the rafting center we had some bagels and soup before heading back to our hostel, showering, eating then going down to the bar. I played quite a few games of pool (all of which I won) and had the best shot ever to win the game after I had already scored three in a row. After some swinging and talking at the play structure across the street we headed back and quickly fell asleep.Read more