• Day26

    Road trip to Brisbane

    January 2, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We lazed back to Brisbane via Caloundra on the scenic route, we stopped at a couple of very scenic spots along the way and then rushed back to the comfort of the cars air con. The coast is filled with eager holiday makers... catching some serious rays, having 2 summers have its perks but honestly I felt like being in snow for a day.

    As we celebrated with friends on New Years eve, we didn't spend much quality time with each other. I suggested a "reflective" cider at one of the beautiful picnic spots. It was fun looking back on our highlights of 2016, it was quite an eventful year.

    Jan 1st 2016 we decided to leave Bermuda then it was
    Jan -the triangle
    Feb- rugby season
    March-the NYC half, Janies bachelorette, Durnferds bachelors, Dolf's bday in Stowe
    April-Skiing and the Police dinner
    May-Nyc airbnb half
    June-Dolf final home test match with his parents the to see it, many beach days... making a list of what we need to sell, doing lots of research, planning our trip roughly
    July- my grandpa passed away and we went to SA
    Aug- Cupmatch and more Bda summer , planning some of trip, starting to sell things
    Sept- packing up our lives in Bda and all the emotional rollercoasting with that
    Oct- leaving Bermy😂, and our great adventure started spending time in Florida with the Oberholzers & San Jose with the Strydoms & getting on the cruise... Seattle, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia
    Nov- getting off in Sydney... Manly was deffo the highlight with the Dobinsons
    The Milford track , all the amazing adventures in NZ
    Dec - Fun times with Christine in Auckland , and the Hurlings in New Plymouth...& Back to Aus, Great Ocean road...Great Barrier Reef ...Rainbow beach, Fraser island Brissie Bonding with the Barnards

    What an incredible year!!, I can only be grateful for all the people and blessings in my life!!

    Looking forward to year of travel, culture enrichment, family that word called settling down and many more amazing adventures 2017

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