• Day1

    Cheapest most expensive dinner ever

    January 13, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    On the way to the the Bén Thành Market I withdrew cash at an ATM and for the first time ever I was a cash millionaire. It felt so weird to select "withdraw 2,000,000 Vietnamese dong".

    Anyway after I was done feeling like Donald Trump, Isabel actually picked a restaurant (street food vendor). For those of you who have never been to Asia. Basically a street food vendor/restaurant is basically a bunch of tables and chairs in the street or on the side of the street and they cook your food ons bbq grills or ovens next to the road.

    When they asked us what we want to drink, naturally I said local beer, Isabel also wanted to join in the local vibe and she saw they had local vodka so she said vodka and diet coke. She ended up with a 200ml can of diet coke and a 300ml bottle of vodka. The she asked for a cup or a glass to put it in and they brought shooter glasses. She had to explain she wanted a bigger glass before she could start drinking her vodka and diet coke.

    The food was awesome, we even had a fan blowing above us, that is what I call upperclass street food.

    At the end the bill was 350,000vd, I mean the last thing I bought with that many zeros was a house. But if you do the math its only about $15, for 2 beers, a bottle of vodka, about 5 cans of diet coke to mix with the vodka, a starter and mains, I think thats good value!

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