• Day2

    Lunch at Nà hàng Cõn Phung

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Included in our tour was lunch. I am not sure how this works but everyone on the tour with us are on different tour itineraries and its seems we are the only people on the 3day/2night one. Everyone else only had rice with pork included but we also had Elephant ear fish (Cá Thi Túqng) spring rolls included for some reason. More food so I won't complain.

    The fish arrived first and to our surprise it was a whole fish and we actually had to roll our own spring roll. They first showed us how and then left us to do it for ourselves.

    Isabel didn't enjoy the food as much as I did, i guess the knowledge that the fish actually comes from the polluted waters of the Mekong river was what put her off and also she is not big on rice in normal circumstances. I might gain weight here but she might shed a few kilos. I took a picture of the Elephant ear fish in a tank they had next to the restaurant, hopefully the one we had also lived its life in that tank because the tank looks a million times cleaner than the river.

    The rice and pork was nothing to write home about, but the fish spring rolls was amazing!


    Ek is maar eenmaal nie so eksoties nie ek sal proe maar as iets nie lekker is nie los ek dit!! Daai vis moes uitblok want ek kon nie dink hoe dit van die morsige water tot in my bord kom nie. Ek is maar anti hoender en vark hier want eks bang ek kry iets anders die goed lyk en ruik vreemd as wat ons gewoond is. Op noodles kan ek leef ma die vleis hier is borderline dodge en ek is nie lus v siekword nie. Probeer alles (of amper alles) en behou die goeie

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