• Day10

    Kayaking in paradise

    January 22, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Here we are kayaking in paradise, its breathtaking to be on such a small craft in such a secluded part of the world. All you hear is the splashing as your oar hits the water, in the distance you can hear a fisherman's motorboat engine dimmed by echoing barks of his dog.

    Yes kayaking is not the greatest thing for my back, but the experience of being one with nature was unreal!

    I will pop a couple of voltarens back at the boat and get another massage tomorrow when we are back in Hanoi. I am not missing this opportunity for a little bit of pain.

    Isabel have been wanting to kayak since we missed the opportunity to kayak in the Abel Tasman in NZ, ironicly we found out that she was not any good at rowing today. We kept on going in zig zags, when I rowed alone we went straight but when she rowed or we rowed together for some reason the kayak would go left and then right and left again and so on. Loads of fun to figure it out.

    This is one of those experiences that photos or words would never do justice, it was almost a spiritual experience, that will best be remembered in you heart.

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