• Day9

    Day 9 - 3454 Miles

    January 13 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    Day 9 - 3454 Miles
    What a great day in Costa Rica! We were among the first passengers off of the ship this morning in Puntarenas and definitely the first ones to the end of the pier. Why? Because I promised Katie’s sister Sheila we would be! Sheila and her son Robbie were waiting for us, but I could see Sheila waving and dancing from the halfway point on our long walk down the pier.

    Sheila arranged a beautiful day for us in Costa Rica. We went to a lovely family owned resort in Garabito and then did a hour long wagon trip in the Carara National Park. Note to self: next mention of tractor, wagon, river crossings in rain forest equals pack sports bra.

    Sheila went all out for us with some local favorite snacks including Cocadas, plantain chips, and Granadillas and Robbie opened each of us a fresh coconut so we could enjoy some coconut water.

    We took a lovely walk around the resort grounds and ended with a beautiful lunch before being chauffeured back to The Mariner This is one port where we had to leave much to quickly. Thank you Sheila, Roberto, Robbie, and Shirley for the planning, preparation, love, friendship, and gifts. A special thanks to Sheila for the hairspray!
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