• Day42

    Day 42 ~ 14,900 Miles, South Pacific

    February 15, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ ☁️ 81 °F

    Day 42 ~ 14,900 Miles

    It’s Day 3 of an unexpected stretch of four days at sea following the cancellation of our stops in American Samoa and Samoa after we were denied entry because of the “fear” of the Coronavirus.

    Kudos to Regent for their hard work in rescheduling all excursions to a day earlier and scheduling a new stop with excursions in Suva, Fiji.

    We were warned of bad weather for sea days 2 and 3, but luckily because I had my supplies at the ready I was able to stave off the effects of the impending storms. Always prepared...thanks Dad.

    We crossed the International Date Line at 3:09 this afternoon (picture shown, if you enlarge it you can see the sign in the distance), but we will not recognize the changes that crossing brings until overnight so we may experience a smooth transition. In a instant we went from 180° West to 180° East. I think this translates to moving the clock back one hour and moving the calendar forward one day. Until today I had only read about time travel but now I get to experience it, February 16 disappears for me this year. So today I will take a selfish moment to remember, honor, and raise a glass to my Dad on what would have been his 97th birthday on the 16th. I love you and miss you Dad.
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