• Day543

    Day 544: Wurzburg Residence

    August 12, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    First day trip, heading west for about an hour to the town of Wurzburg. Here we visited the immense Residence, a huge palace complex situated just near the river. It was an incredible expression of Baroque design and styling, though much of it suffered heavy damage in WW2 (definitely a recurring theme in Germany!). There was still some incredible stuff to see though, particularly the grand staircase room which had an intricately painted and decorated ceiling. There was also a fascinating use of stucco to bring some elements out of the flat painting and give the whole thing an illusion of depth.

    No dogs inside naturally, and it was another hot day so we alternated on separate tours. Shandos went first and I did some filming and waited for her. The next tour was at 1:30 so we had time for a quick lunch in the restaurant. Nice food, though the place was overrun by bees and I eventually got stung on my foot when I stood up! I think one was sitting just under the tongue of my shoe and the act of standing up crushed the stinger into my foot. Ouch. Thankfully a nearby cyclist lady having a coffee had a first aid kit and kindly gave me some anti-stinging cream. So I hobbled around the palace for an hour but it was definitely worth it!

    Mid afternoon we headed back to our room where Shandos hit the (freezing cold) pool and I had a nap. No on-site restaurant and a Sunday night meant the only thing open in town was the pizza shop, so pizza it was!
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