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  • Day47


    October 13, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today we went on the train to MUNICH. At Munich we saw the RATHAUS. This building is significant because it is the town hall. There was a little show on the building called GLOCKENSPIEL. At the end if the show the little gold bird chirped 3 times. It was cool. After that Findlay wanted to go inside the giant sport shop. After that we went to the top of the tower. The views were magnificent and we could see the giant soccer stadium on the horizon. After having lunch at a BEER HALL. We went to some more soccer shops and Findlay got a shirt, shorts, socks and a cap for BAYERN MUNICH. When we came home we went to the shops got some dinner for the next 2 nights. We came home and did ourtcome work.

    PS: Mum and dad watched TV

    TᕼᗩT Iᔕ TᕼE Eᑎᗪ
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  • Day46


    October 12, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Today we went to a little town called HALLSTEIN. Inside the town with only 17 homes inside the town was a slide. At the slide was a ski lift. At the ski lift was a house. At that house was a shop. At the shop we went up the ski lift like a flying car. It was scary. You could see the grassy hill with the toboggan run that was snaking its way down the tall green hill. When we got to the top we walked down to the top of the toboggan run. As dad went down the run I got ready. The run was fun it took 10-12 minutes to get to the bottom. I went down curvy twists and run turns. The steep hills were scary and the tight turns were hard to go slow on. It was super fun.

    After the tobogganing we drove in traffic to EAGLES NEST. This was Hitlers holiday home. He went there 14 times. At thus place we went on a bus ride up the hil. Than we went on a brass lift 124m up. We were on the place were a master mind had walked. It was pretty cool. We had lunch at the house and did a five minute walk that was only 2 minutes. After 2h we came back down a headed two our new home for 3 nights.

    TᕼE Eᑎᗪ
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  • Day45

    Snowy Mountains

    October 11, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Today we went to DACHSTEIN MOUNTAIN. We went up the mountain in a gondola that was made out of glass. At the top of the mountain we saw white snow. It was cold and every thing you touched froze your hand. We walked across a bridge that had the wind rushing on you, and if you dropped something it will fall in the snow until it hit the mountain. (the snow was about a metre deep). At the top of the bridge we went inside a door covered in a snow roof. It was the ice palace carved into a glacier. It looked cool and it felt cool too (-0.2*). It was dark and there were ice sculptures, at end of the palace was a throne that we sat on. It was cold, but really cool.

    At the bottom of the mountain we walked up a trail for fun. At the end of the trail was a cottage that sold drinks and had a "sound of music" hill. As we walked back we saw avalanches off the edge of the mountain and 3 mountain goats. It was deadly but beautiful. Soon after, dad starting throwing snowballs, so everyone did. It was funny (^o^) As we went home in the car we saw another snow slide.

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  • Day42


    October 8, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today after breakfast we headed off to a place called Mondsee (that means lake in German.) Half way to our Air BNB we stopped up a hill that had ice caves on it. It was cold, rainy and... cold. After we went past the ticket table, we had to walk up the equivalent of a 40 level sky scraper.

    After a hour of walking and 3 minutes of sky car we got to the top. Fog was rising as we entered the cave. It felt like a cold shower. After one or two minutes of walking to the entrance we got to our English tour guide. As we went in the tour guide introduced himself, his name was "Johahnes" but when he said it in his German accent, it sounded like "your highness". After some time in the freezing cold cave we came to a stop where he told us to imagine some of the ice sculptures being animals, the only ice animals were a bear and a elephant.

    As we walked by the animals we went in a long hall that was 25m tall and 88m long and at the end of the hall was the ashes of the person that found the cave. He always wanted to be berried at the end of the hall in the biggest ice cave in the world. So he was. (The man died in world war 1 as a soldier).

    After the ice caves we walked down. When we got to our farm Air BNB, there were cows, cats, dogs and horses. Inside our house we settled in and met a cute cat I named Garfield. We took the cat down to the games room and played with the cat, played pool, ping pong and fusball. In the middle of playing ping pong another cat came in. I named him Felix because he looked like the cat from the ad. This cat jumped on us, hugged us and jumped on the tables while we were playing, chasing the ping pong balls off the table. The cats did not mind. Soon after, Garfield got mad that we were patting Felix more him. Garfield tried to attack Felix. Garfield ran away and came back the next day to get more love ❤️

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  • Day41

    Wet, actually soaked

    October 7, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Today when we woke up, we were ready to go and catch the bus to the snowy mountain. From the bottom of the mountains we could not see much and where the sky rail even stopped.

    As we went up the cart slowly moved into the cold, dark, hazy fog... we saw nothing. Then, as we came out of the fog there were small white icicles dropping all over my window. Then the mountain became clear, there was cold, white snow drops on the little hills. There was tall trees covered in the snow that we saw in front of us. We came to a stop. Time to get off at the top. You will see the cold snow outside the frozen doors. A place to eat and settle down. As we walked outside we got hit by the snow falling from the sky and the hard wind that never stoped. We discovered that it was too cold to stay outside so we came inside, had something warm like a hot chcolate and tea. Findlay and I wanted to go outside to look around and feel the ❄️. When we were coming back I picked up some snow and I wanted to throw it at Finn so I did. Then I started laughing and dad was too.

    Soon after we came down we visited a palace. We saw a fountain with big fish and everywhere you went there was a water trap, this place was called the trick fountains. One of them was at a dinner table and whoever sat at the head would not get water shot up their bum. At the next trick we went into a grotto where there was the rolling stone and a fountain that made sound made by splashing water in different ways. As you walked out you got squirted. There will be two moose statues that you walked under and got soaked at. There was wet sprays coming out of the stairs the people stood on B.T.W. YOUR LEGS GOT WET A LOT.

    The last trick fountain was a little hill smaller than me on top of the hill was a party hat sort of thing, cone shaped and it will be shot up into the air by water. Water was coming out from underneath you too. When we where walking out of the last grotto there was some water spouts that shot from above you I was happy that being short was an advantage for once. After that the guide warned us to watch out at the end it seemed that he was right I turned around as I did that there was some people that were shot everywhere by water. I was shot in my eye. This day was fun even though it was cold snowing and raining. The funny thing was even though you where inside you where always wet and cold.
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  • Day40


    October 6, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Late after having breakfast at the buffet downstairs, we went to the Mirabell Gardens. The gardens had beautiful flowers and one part of the garden they had pink and red roses. As we walked around the garden I saw a big, beautiful, dancing fountain. After the gardens we went to "the Castle on the hill ho ho ho over the castle on the hill" never mind at the walls we could see the cannon heads poking out of the little holes. When we walked in we saw the torture camber with puppets and jump scares. Inside it told you what they did to all the bad people like pulled them, put them on a bed of nails, squeezed them and several more. After this we walked into the museum that told us about other things but you were not allowed to take photos. Had a sausage went on our way to our boat where at the end of our ride the boat girl waltzed the boat around in the hard current. After the boat ride we went to the natural History Museum of modern art. After the museum we went home.Read more

  • Day38


    October 4, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Today we went walking around our neighbourhood in VENICE. In the neighbourhood we saw lots of gondolas getting stuck in water traffic. We saw big white bridges crossing the river and small bridges crossing smaller bits of the river. The biggest bridge we saw was called PONT RIALTO it had small shops on it, 3 little paths one either side of the shops and it was crossing the GRAND CANAL. After crossing the bridge we slowly made our way back home through the weaving paths of VENICE.

    The End
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  • Day37


    October 3, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    After all the fun we had we started heading off to VENICE where nan and pop left us. 5hours in the car looking at all the hills and mountains than it went flat. The farms where growing food and the horizon was miles away. When we got into VENICE we walked to our AIRBNB. The place we were stay at was filled with young people it was because the was an uni right next to us. When we got inside the house it was amazing. My mum and dad got this house for me. It was filled with art. After we settled we went for a walk around the hood. For lunch we went to a little restaurant where it took them hours and everyone that came after us got there food first. After lunch we got some food for dinner lunch and went home.Read more

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