• Day69

    Day 69 - Nuddies

    April 17, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Things we've learnt today. When you find a famous street in a town that sounds really nice for breakfast but there's a lot of online complaining that the parking is a nightmare you probably shouldn't go there on Easter Monday. Meet Hastings Street, Noosa. Lots of boutique-y shops and places selling smashed avos on sourdough whilst being next to the beach during great surfing conditions. We crawled along in both directions before finding a locals Lions Club (like the Rotary Club maybe? I'm not sure) taking $10 off people's hands to park in a park. We hangrily bit their hands off so we could join the hipsters and holiday makers in a trendy cold pressed juice promising to make you glow.

    And glow I did. Though that could have been from the sweat from the 10km walk which followed. On the advice of kindly 'John Senior' at the Info centre we took the Coastal Walk through Noosa National Park. As the name suggests it involves cliffs and beaches with not only great views of surfers and sea birds but also, if you follow the walk to its end, a nuddy beach. I wanted to take my phone out to take pictures of the beautiful scenery but kept it firmly in my bag for this section in case I got accused of saving photos of wrinkly old men for later use.

    Beyond the nuddies we made it to Sunshine Beach. Other things we're learning here is that lots of places stop serving lunch at 2 so when we rocked up at 2.45 ravenous we had to go on the hunt a little but we found an establishment that'd provide us with pizza and nachos before anyone got hurt. Phew! We took the bus back to Noosa Heads rather than slogging back along the cliffs and retired to the camp site for laundry and van sweeping. The camp site is pretty much deserted now as in Queensland all the kids go back to school tomorrow.

    Cinderella did get to leave the camp site again though. We phoned ahead to a restaurant on the Marina called Pier 11 just in case on this busy Easter Monday we needed a reservation. They excitedly took it which isn't surprising seeing as when we rocked up there were precisely 4 people in there, all of whom left before we even finished our first drinks. We had an awesome meal though. The staff were beyond friendly (I suppose as they only needed to focus on us). I ordered one wine and they made me blind taste it with another red they thought was better before I made my final choice (same price, though a very clever rouse if it hadn't been), we chatted to a waitress fishing off the marina, they pointed out crabs swimming past and couldn't do more to make sure we were happy. The food was some of the best we've had including duck poutine I need to try and re-create. All in all a super end to a super day (especially the nuddies).
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