• Day75

    Day 75 - Total Wipe Out

    April 23, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Last day in Byron and almost feels like the last proper day of our mega adventure. From here on in it's really just a couple of days of travelling with a day in HK put in for good measure.

    We had another mega brunch (well, more lunch). No halloumi this time and hash browns were trendy smashed browns i.e. roasted new potatoes squashed a bit but still delicious. Sinead and I even managed a mimosa, well we are on holiday.

    We headed down to the beach for a couple of hours before Sinead and Lewis sadly had to leave us to fend for ourselves. We went and played wave jumping in the sea. I'm fine when the waves are gentle, even tall gentle, but now and again a bigger, frothier (right word??) one would come along and I'd swim-run like I'd seen a shark and still inevitably get a face full of water. It didn't help when Matt tried to swim a wave, rugby tackled me over almost pulling my bikini bottoms off in the process only for me to get hit by a second wave. I'm sure very amusing for anyone watching but it meant time for me to get out and leave him to it.

    We said bye to the guys and mooched around Byron for a little while listening to more bad buskers and a dreadlocked young guy tearfully on the phone to his boy/girlfriend telling them he deserved more respect and someone who loved him (and something about knowing he didn't have a car??). I obviously leaned slightly closer to eavesdrop and would have offered some message of solidarity if we didn't have to go catch our bus.

    Two hours later we were in Brisbane sitting on the street trying to get Glastonbury tickets. No joy sadly but we consoled ourselves with a Thai meal at a restaurant highly recommended by our receptionist before packing and being sad that we leave Oz tomorrow. And sad that the walls of the motel are thin and we had a loud couple chatting/shouting next door. I did bang on the wall then realised it was only 20 past 10 so cut them a little slack.
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    Jill Coxon

    All good things must come to an end but what a fantastic trip and all the wonderful memories you will carry home. Safe trip back, can't wait to have a proper catch up and see you! 😘

    karen fowler

    It's been fab reading your blogs. What a shame it's time for home but at least you have the excitement of Center Parcs! Looking forward to seeing you both. Safe journey home xx ps I thought the talking toilet story was hilarious -Virgin trains toilet doors open automatically too but they don't warn you 😂😂

    Angela Pratt

    Really enjoyed reading about your travels - what an amazing adventure. Safe journey home 🛫xx

    Jill Coxon

    I could just go a mimosa!