• Day48

    Byron Bay

    September 27, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Joey's famous pancake breakfast was the order of the day this morning along with some lazing around while we waited for it to warm up a little. We headed into town around 11.30am to go to the most easterly point of Australia.

    Byron is beautiful but the holiday traffic is unbelievable! I'd love to come back when it isn't school holidays to have a good look around. What should've been a 6 - 7 minute drive to the lighthouse took about half an hour and it was a miracle we managed to get a park for $8. There doesn't appear to be any free parking other than Woolworths in Byron Bay which we did not expect.

    We weren't out of the car two minutes when we spotted 3 whales very close to the shore. We watched them for about 10 minutes before walking up to the lighthouse then towards the most eastern point. There were a lot of people. We had to wait to take photos at the point along with many others but the view was breathtaking. We made our was back to the cafe but decided against it for lunch and continued back into town. We drove to the main beach hoping for a park (which there wasn't) but managed to pull up long enough to grab some photos of a whale playing off shore with its fluke in the air.

    Eventually we found a park close to where we were yesterday (1 hour only, $4) and we had a look in a few shops then decided to head back to the van for lunch. The girls went for one last swim and play in the water park while Joe and I relaxed and looked at the map to head home. As the afternoon cooled off I got the girls out of the pool and they pointed out a huge lizard by the water.

    We decided to do takeaway for dinner and headed into town. Joe decided on Indian, which was a hell of a lot hotter than the 'mild' he was expecting while the girls and I got sushi. We went into an amazing crystal shop called Soul Life while we waited. The girls got a couple of little things before we headed back to the van to eat.

    Byron has been beautiful and I really hope we come back one day when it's not school holidays.
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