• Day81

    Lima - Farewell Sud America

    May 10, 2017 in Peru ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    A looooong bus ride later and we ended up in Miraflores Lima. Staying in a bohemian hostel called the Healing dog it has a naked hairless mascot called Pisco who became pissed off that I'd taken his favourite seat, the sofa.

    A brief walk down to the seafront in blazing heat showed pretty gardens including the garden of the lovers, which included a statue of a couple snogging- the japanese went wild. We enjoyed crepes whilst watching the surfers below. Retreating from the blazing heat we sorted ourselves out packingwise before venturing out for supper.

    Miraflores reminds me of Miami Florida with art deco type buildings dotting the avenues in pastel colours. Supper was had in what was a beer/ football/ going out venue but they did a surprisingly good Schnitzel!! Back to the hostel we finally opened our expensive Mendoza wine (sooo good) and cheered a farwell to South America.

    Lessons learnt in South America
    1. You need more Spanish than what we had, or a lovely half Spanish girl called Izzy who will take pity and translate. Many thanks Izzy!!
    2. TMI but your first normal bowel motion after an illness is to be seriously celebrated.
    3. Don't take photos of Bolivians,!
    4. Rio might be batshit crazy and a bit scary but the spectacle of the city is worth it.
    5. People will say every city in South America is dangerous, be sensible and confident and you will have no problems. Don't be that nervous traveller, go explore.
    6. Book Cama in the night buses and the better companies. The extra money WILL buy you extra sleep
    7. Booking a Dragoman tour was the best decision. We saw so much more than we could ever have tried in that time in great company, young and old.
    8. Go see your bucket list even if you risk throwing up all over it "I went to Per-ah and chundered everywhere" comes to mind 🙈
    9. The wine is amazing
    10. The steak even better

    Hasta luega Sud America, it was a travel experiecce of a life time.

    Here comes the US of A......
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