• Day16

    More Hashing in Bangkok

    October 25, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    BMH3 - After an awesome trip to Pattaya, it is back for more fun in Bangkok. First off, it was a spin around town with the Bangkok Monday H3. From the Zap Station, trail made the anticipated zig zag through the klongs and alleys in fine fashion. Unfortunately, our hares overlapped last Thursday's trail for a bit. At first it was fine, but instead of clearly marking the departure point, they used an intersection as was done on Thursday, which led the FRBs off in the wrong direction following last week's trail. The pack milled about for nearly 20 minutes before giving up and making their own way back to the start. It was a good time, but . . . 😊

    On Tuesday, Boob-a-lube and I went out for a scouting hike to hare the upcoming Saturday trail for the Men’s hash. It was an excellent 10K hike in the sun, with little shade, but sure made the beer taste great at the end. Looking forward to setting this trail on Saturday.

    BH4 – On Wednesday, it was another excursion with the Bangkok Harriettes. Another interesting trail through the klongs and streets of greater Bangkok. I actually cracked the 12 minute mark (11:40) for a mile, for the first time since the surgery. Getting stronger and stronger . . . my wind is getting better each trail.

    BTH3 – It was another super humid evening, but a great trail. The mapped track on this trail does not even begin to display the intricate web of alleyways we weaved in and out of on this trial. The hares managed to find every little back alley and street on this city hash. A brilliant live hared trail full of fun.
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