• Day9

    Interislander to Picton

    January 6 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Today I had to stand up very early to catch my ferry from Wellington to Picton. The ferry was departing at 8.30 but I had to be there at least one hour before!
    The night was horrible! It was blowing like hell the hole night and I was sleeping really bad. 😬
    And it was still blowing like hell in the morning.. Funny..
    I was just hoping that the sea is not to rough because of the wind so it’s not going to be a horrible ride with the ferry.
    Otherwise the weather was really good, already around 20 degrees at 7 am.
    The ride with the ferry was luckily not as bad as I was expecting. Even though it was still blowing like hell and I actually needed my jacked on the deck outside. When we was starting to drive into the Queen Charlotte Sound I went out to find a good place to enjoy the nature around and take a lot of pictures. I was luckily to find a place where I could see both sides of the sound and it’s was not many people there so I had a lot of place to watch, enjoy abs take photos 😊
    Without the fu.. wind it would have been perfect. So I was unable to open my eyes without the sunglasses on and I really had to hold good onto my phone when I was taking pictures.

    The ride took a little bit over 3 hours. When we arrived in Picton I wanted to go to the town first, but it was so full that i was just turning around and started my drive along the Queen Charlotte Drive.
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