• Day41

    Cathedral Caves

    January 10, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Shortly before 10 am I arrived at the Cathedral Caves carpark. I thought the low tide was at 10 am, but the nice lady there told me it was at 9 am and I would need to hurry to make it at least to some of the caves.

    Ok, I thought no problem. After around 15 minutes walk down the hill and alongside the beach I reached the first one, but my plan was to go first to the once that are further way before the water level gets too high. I met a family, they were on their way back, and they told me, that I should be fine to go a little further, there is only one tricky spot around a corner but if you time it well with the waves it's no problem.

    I took off my shoes and was trying my luck.

    It went really good so I could see quite a few caves. They are really big and you can't see how long they are. I didn't explore them more, don't need to risk it with the water pushing an and the weather is not so nice, pretty windy here now and that makes some big waves. On the way back I got pretty lucky as well until I reached the tricky corner. My luck was over. Big wave, much water and I got wet halfway over my knees 😳😬
    It's cold I can say 😬🙈
    The only positive thing in this moment: my shoes are at least still dry 🥳

    As wet as I was I went into the last two big caves and found out that they are actually connected in the end!

    Then I started to get too cold so I washed my feeds in a little pool, put my shoes back on and walked back to the carpark.

    Here I got changed in dry trousers and then I was ready for the next adventure 💪🏼
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