• Day46

    Milford Sound I

    January 15 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    It is an early morning today again 🙈😴
    I had to get up at 6 o’clock today.
    I want to be at the Milford Sound Harbour around 8 o’clock and it takes around an hour to drive there, without any stops on the way!
    So e had a quick breakfast and was leaving the campground at 7 am.
    There where a lot of low clouds hanging around the mountain around me and I got a little bit worried that the weather is not going to so good today. But it was nothing to worry about, as got clear and nice after a few kilometers of driving. 🤗
    I can’t say how hard it was for me to not stop at all on the way to Milford Sound 🙈😂
    The scenery is sooo amazing here 🤩

    I passed the free carpark because there was no sign but I turned around and drove back because I don’t want to pay 10$ per hour!!!! for parking!
    That’s obviously new since this summer!
    Totally crazy!
    That’s why I wanted to be early enough there to make sure to get a place at the free carpark! As this one is a little further away from the terminal there is a free Shuttle provided.
    It was still quite many parking places free when I arrived so it was worth it to be here so early! Nice!

    I had to wait around 5-10 minutes for the Shuttle to arrive, the Sandflys here are horrible! Nasty little creatures. Who needs them?!
    I checked in to my Cruise with Mitre Peak at 8.05.
    Pretty early but I can better wait here a while than stress around to get here and find a free carpark.
    Boarding was at 8.45 am and I was pleased to see, that our boat is the smallest one of all the boats that are here, at least half as small as the others some are really big.
    This time the boat is quite full, but not booked out so it’s not too many people around and luckily also just a few people from Asia. The big group was I saw earlier was luckily booked on the other boat.
    At 8.55 we left the Harbour for our 2-hour cruise.
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