• Day46

    Milford Sound IV

    January 15 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We then went to Sterling Falls ( 2. picture) where the boats are actually able to drive into the waterfall. Some people are so crazy to stand there in front of the boat and under the waterfall 🙈😂
    I am not doing this!
    But I strayed on the upper deck and got wet as well as the water is splashing around so much! It was actually really cool!

    We then went into Harrison Cove where some people left the boat who had booked a tour in the Underwater Observatory.
    From here you have a really nice view to Mount Pembroke, one of the highest mountains in the fiord at 2025m and the last remaining glacier visible from Milford Sound.
    This is a tenant of the glacier which once carved its way through the fiord. It is also the water source for Stirling Falls.

    Mitre Peak, 1692m high, is one of the highest mountains in the world that raise directly from the ocean floor. It is also called bishop’s mitre or head-dress, as it often has a cloud around its top, you can see on the 3. picture. He dressed up for us on the way back 😉

    And then we were already almost back at the terminal.
    We could get a nice view of the Bowen Falls as we were driving into the Harbour.

    It was a really nice your and I was definitely deciding for the right operator. Unfortunately, there were no dolphins around today, but our skipper said, that already yesterday they didn't see any dolphins. That's how it is!

    Arriving at the terminal showed me, why it was a good decision to do the first your in the morning, it was so full now, so many buses and so many people everywhere! 😳
    I was so happy that I could leave now!
    I had to wait around 10 minutes for the shuttle back to my car and then I was leaving Milford Sound with the plan to stop as often as possible!
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