• Day52

    Arrow River and Arrowtown

    January 21 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    Relaxed morning for me. No stress to check out in time or anything booked or planned that I would need to leave early today.

    During breakfast, I decided that I drive to Arrowtown, to a parking place a little bit outside the town, and then walk alongside the Arrow River to the town center. It was a nice and easy walk. They were even filming a part of Lord of the Rings here by the river. It is supposed to be the place you see on the 3. and 4. picture.
    It is the scene where Awen with Frodo is haunted by the Nazgul and passing over the river.
    But not the part where the river washed the Nazgul, that was filmed in another place.

    From the river or was only a short walk to an old Chinese settlement. I took a look around here as well and then went to the town. Cute little town it is! Nice old buildings with a lot of nice shops, I really like the Remarkable Sweet Shop where you can buy the best fudge in the world. And you can even taste them all for free!!! They are all so good! It was really hard to choose which one to buy 🙈😂
    I was, in the end, ending up with the Sour Fudge and the White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple.
    I could buy then all, but they are not so cheap so I go with these two flavors I liked the most. 😊
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