• Day83

    Rottnest Island I

    February 21 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    We got up around 7 am this morning. At first, we had breakfast and then we were preparing our sandwiches for today's trip to Rottnest Island.
    After that, we got dressed and packed our stuff and at 8.50 am we left the campground and walked 15 minutes to the Blue Cat bus stop.
    The Blue Cat is one of two free busses here in Fremantle. Pretty cool, that they have free busses here.

    After a short ride with the bus, we jumped off close to the harbor and from here it took us only 3-4 minutes to walk to the ferry that will take us over to Rottnest Island. The Ferry just arrived when we walked to the landing place. So our timing was perfect. We had to wait only a few minutes before they started the boarding.
    The ferry was far away from full, which is nice!
    We were expecting worst as we heard that there is a big swimming event on Rottnest Island and it should be super full already today.

    The ride over to Rottnest Island took only 35 min. Kara was feeling a little bit seasick but luckily not to bad.
    When we arrived we tried to find the place where we are supposed to pick up our bikes for today. We hired bicycles to explore the island with.
    After 15 min of searching, we already saw our first Quokkas 😍, we gave up and asked at the information center for help.
    After that, it was easy to find the shop where we picked up our bicycles and helmets of coarse as well!
    And then we went out of the village onto the island. We had decided to do a loop around the island, starting on the north side of the island so we will have enough time to snorkel in Salmon Bay without stressing out because we need to be back in the village around 5 pm.
    We stopped at a lot of beautiful bay with either the same beaches!
    The island have a lot of little hills so we had to drive up and down all the time, what was not so easy as the bike are not so good once 🙈😅
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