• Day106

    Day off with Rhubarb Pie

    March 15, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Today Marika and I were free so we could sleep as long as we wanted. I walk up shortly before 9 am and got up to have breakfast.
    Ok, I was already awake once when Megan and Tracey were getting up to get to work but could fall asleep a little bit again.

    Unfortunately, Anton didn't show up to drive Flair and have Dolly on the lead rope behind. So Tracey asked me around 9.30 am if I could wake up Marika and ask her what they should do.

    So she got up and went straight out to drive them and came in for breakfast afterward.

    We took it super calm until around 12 pm when we decided to go into the city for some shopping.

    We found some pretty cool sunglasses at Kmart 🙈😂
    Was too hard to decide which ones to buy, these are my favorites 🤣🤣

    We even tried to buy some food, but you need to take what you can get.. The pasta was sold out.. 🙄
    It's crazy...

    In the afternoon I baked a rhubarb pie for everyone. I was really feeling for a rhubarb pie since a couple of weeks and now I finally did one 🤗😋

    More we didn't do today. Marika is having a cold and not feeling super fresh so we were only cooking later in the evening and watching a movie together with the other once.

    Marika met Pat, the owner in the stable when she shortly went out to check the training list for tomorrow and gave her 1000$ for me as a thank you for all my help 😳😳
    So amazing. Didn't expect this.
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