• Day109

    Day 8 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 18, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Today it was already much warmer in the morning.
    Megan is free today and we have a lot of horses going fast today... So this is going to be funny...

    They first went out with the jogging horses, while Tracey and I fixed the horses for the first heat ready.
    When Marika, Anton, and Glenn were done jogging the horses, Tracey and I had even the horse for the second heat in and started to fix them.
    I gonna be inside alone while they go out and train four horses and Jack is out fixing the track 😬
    So I finished the horses for the second heat, fixed and took out Cam in his paddock and started to gear up the third heat while they were out.
    So we all washed the first heat horses and kicked them out before Marika, Anton and Glenn went out with the second heat.
    Tracey and I brushed and fixed the jogging horses fast and while she was driving them out with the quad to their paddocks I fixed the horses for the third heat totally ready and then we both started to take in the horses for the fourth heat as well.

    Back inside they helped out washing the horses again and taking in the last one for the fourth heat, even started to gear them up.

    So while I was inside alone during the third heat, I got the fourth heat ready and fixed as many horses as I could from the first heat until Jack came back and helped me with them. So we got them all ready before they came back.

    During the fourth heat Tracey, Jack and I fixed as many horses as we could, had Freda out in the walker and Elvis on the treadmill and I went out with him to swim him as well.

    It went pretty good I think, we got ready in a good time but driving the one-year-olds is taking quite much time. But we had a lot to clean up as well so around 2.30 pm we were finally done.
    After a quick lunch, we took a little nap, before it was time to get back out and take in the horses, fix them and feed them.

    As Megan is gone I got to take care of her cat and the bird she is trying to raise at the moment. It was three from the beginning but two of them died on the second day. But this one is getting stronger and bigger with every day 😊

    I am feeling a little bit like I might get a cold and the hot and humid air during the day today was not helping me at all. But I felt already better during the evening but anyway I went to bed early to get a good sleep.
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