December 2019 - June 2021
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    January 8, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    I went to bed much later than planned yesterday as I talk very long with my neighbors at the campground.
    They did a boat trip on Saturday around the Abel Tasman Coast and saw a lot of Orcas and two of them were coming really close to their boat and even swimming under it! They showed me the videos and it was really amazing!

    I took it easy this morning as I have quite much pain in my muscles from the last two days 🙈😂
    Good that I was buying some magnesium already yesterday.

    For today I haven't planned so much luckily.
    I was driving to the German bakery in Takaka first to buy real bread!! And then I went to Motueka, where I will stay over Christmas!
    I have been here already last time and I really like the area so I will have some nice days here! 😊

    I did a big shopping trip when I arrived in Motueka and it's crazy how full it is everywhere in the city 😳
    But it was even worse in the afternoon as I had to go a second time because I forgot some stuff the first time 🙈😅

    Otherwise, I used the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, clean up and reorganize my car as it was time for it! 😊

    And even tonight I got stuck with a couple from Germany and talk with them until after 10 pm.
    Not so good, as I will need to get up early tomorrow for a new adventure. 😉
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  • Day2


    December 2, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    The flight to Singapore took 12 hours. I couldn’t sleep at all thanks to my neighbor that was kind of sleeping the whole flight and snoring like hell 🙄
    And if he wasn’t for a couple of minutes some children were crying like hell... Funny... But at least otherwise everything went well 😊

    I had son trouble figuring out how I come to the city with the train and where to buy a ticket but with a little help I managed it and I came to my hotel shortly before 9 am.
    Here I had to wait over an hour for the reception to open, but the other guest said I should just sit down, drink a cup of tea and eat some breakfast while waiting. No one here who could say something against it. 😉
    They seem to be quite relaxed here, the reception was not open before 10.20 am even though it was standing 9 am on the paper on the desk 🙈😂
    I could check in yet, but was allowed to use the toilets and showers, eat breakfast and all this kind of thinks. So I just changed quickly and went straight off for a walk in the city.

    I walked along the Marina Parade! It’s a really nice walk along the water.
    I was almost alone and started to want er where everyone is, but it appears to me, that the people here are not up so early. The longer I was on my way the more people I was meeting.
    I past straight beside the Singapore Formula 1 racecourse! That was really funny, I didn’t know that it is there!
    Under a bridge I wound some Otter playing around with each other. It was so much fun to watch them 😊
    Around lunchtime more and more clouds were coming in from the ocean, so I decided to slowly start to walk back to the hostel, but this time through the city. I was anyway extremely exhausted and the air here is so heavy that I had to Stopp and sit down many times.
    It was the best decision for today I can say! I went to eat in an Indian place closed to the hostel and after a while, it started to rain a little bit. And like 20 min later, I was already in the hostel, it started to rain like hell 😳 A big thunderstorm was straight over us. Another guest told me they were expecting a typhoon, but a local told me, it’s Monsun season now, so it’s normal and nothing to worry about.
    I then decided to spend the rest of the day in the hostel and took a little nap.
    Then I was eating a little bit and talked over two hours with a woman, that is from Singapore but is now spending most of her time in New Zealand.

    I haven’t planned anything yet for tomorrow, I will first look how the weather is going to be and maybe ask the woman for some tips, where to go and what to do 😊
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    Alexandra Häggman

    Du ser. Jag har sparat denna 😃

  • Day3

    Gardens by the Bay

    December 3, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    I woke up at 9 am after a good sleep! It is quite noisy in the sleeping pods but everyone is trying to be as quiet as possible, so that’s really nice. First I had a good breakfast 😊
    The weather was actually much better than expected. Yesterday it was standing that it should rain the whole day today. It has been quite cloudy throughout the whole day and quite windy as well, but that's actually really nice like this. The air is not so heavy and easier for me to handle. So I decided to go to the Gardens by the Bay.
    Even though it’s not so warm it’s still not so easy to walk long distances for me. But at least I didn’t need to Stopp as often as yesterday 💪🏼

    The Gardens by the Bay are a really nice area. There are a lot of smaller gardens all around the area that you can just walk through without buying a ticket or so. These so-called Heritage Gardens are all from a different country. So you have a Chinese garden, a Malayan garden and so on.
    I then went up the Skywalk. From here you have a nice view of the city and the bay, I can imagine that it’s even better on a day without clouds.
    Then I went to the Cloud Forest.
    This is really a spectacular place! So much information about the cloud forest and how important it is to the ecosystem!
    I spent really much time there, maybe also because of the nice air conditioning 🙈😂 oh it was such a lovely cold in there.
    At last I went to the Flower Dome. Here they have a lot of different flowers from all over the world.
    When I came out of the Flower Dome more and more black cloud was coming in from the ocean. So I decided to walk back to the hostel after eating something on the way. I was anyway quite exhausted.
    It was just starting to drop a little bit when I reached the hostel. Perfect timing again 😉
    The rest of the afternoon and evening was very calm. I took a short nap and then was reading a little. I was then ending up talking with some people at the hostel until almost 11 pm.
    Tomorrow isn’t last day in Singapore before I jump at 6.30 pm into the next airplane to Auckland 🤗
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  • Day4

    On the way again

    December 4, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today is my last day in Singapore. I woke up quite late so I didn’t plan something big before I need to go to the airport.
    That was actually the best decision I could make! It’s extremely hot outside today and I got really problems with the heat and moisture out there.
    So I just went to the river and was sitting there in the shadow and reading a bit until it was time to grab some lunch and go back to the hostel to pick up my backpack and take the train to the airport. Luckily the air condition in the train was working perfectly 😅
    After I checked in I took a walk through the airport but was ending up by my beloved foot massage as always 😊
    This time icky with Air New Zealand to Auckland!
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  • Day5

    New Zealand

    December 5, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    After almost 10 hours flight I finally reached Auckland, New Zealand!
    The weather is lovely here 😍
    The flight was good, but unfortunately, I had bad luck again with two crying children almost all flight long 😳😬
    So I got almost no rest... So it’s not surprising, that I am quite tired now. But definitely less than when I travel all the way at once without a Stopp over! So that really paid off!
    After clearing customers I got picked up with my new car 😍
    We went straight to the AA for the registration of my car and get insurance. After that, we went to the office and fixed the rest of the paperwork! Hopefully, my car will travel safely through New Zealand with me 😊
    I also got a lot of tips, about what I should think and so on. It’s really nice to know, if there is something, I can always call the owner from the company and he will help me fix everything.
    After that, I went shopping and then to the campground he recommended to me, just 30 min outside of Auckland. It’s a really nice and calm place here.
    For today I have nothing more planned. Only get organized and recover from the trip so I can start into new adventures tomorrow 🤗
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    Eva Eylert

    Ich wünsche dir eine Zeit voller Wunder und umwerfender Erlebnisse

  • Day6

    Hunua Falls and Waitawa Regional Park

    December 6, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Being awake at 4 o’clock in the morning and having really hard to fall asleep again leads to waking up only a few minutes before I am supposed to leave the campground 🙈😂
    Luckily it’s so nice weather today again, so I woke up because it got to hot inside the car 😂
    So it was a stressful start in the day but I managed to eat some breakfast at least 😉

    First I went to the Hunua Ranges Regional Park to see the Hunua Fall.
    What a big and beautiful waterfall!
    I decided against the 3 h walk, I didn’t have enough breakfast for that 🙈

    Then I went back to Manukau to buy the stuff I forgot to buy yesterday. Shopping when really tired is not a good idea 🙈😂

    After that, I went to Waitawa Regional Park and the ocean! Finally at the ocean. Such a nice place I found! I had my lunch at the beach and then I went to check the water temperature. It was surprisingly warm so I decided to take a swim! 🤗
    It was soooo lovely! I enjoyed it really much! I was inside the water 3 times at all. I didn’t really want to leave anymore, but I had too because I got very hungry. 😉

    So I went back to Ramarama for the night.
    For tomorrow I gonna go on a Tree Adventure with Marika, who is here with a horse from Australia 😊
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  • Day7

    Tree Adventures

    December 7, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    Today I went up early to pick up Marika at the farm where she is staying with her horse at the moment.
    We booked a tour with Tree Adventures in Woodhill Forest. 🤗
    First I got to see the stable and meet all the people there. As all Kiwi, very welcoming and open people 😊
    We then had to hit the road so we don’t get too late to Woodhill Forest.
    We could only choose between the advanced or expert course because everything else was already booked out. So we took the advanced course.

    I can say, we did just right! The extreme course didn’t look funny at all 😱
    We were more than happy with our challenges.
    We had 4 courses we could do. We start with nr 6 because it was so many people waiting already by nr 5.
    We had soo much fun I can say!
    It was a really interesting and challenging mix of obstacles. Some were pretty tuff others even scary 😳
    But we did them all and we enjoyed every single minute of it!

    After that, we went to Muriwai Beach and had some well-needed lunch. We then took a walk on the beach. It’s black sand here and it was really hot too 😳😬
    The ocean is pretty rough here, we walked a bit to the water to put our feeds in, very cold!!! Don’t understand how so many people could swim there 😳🙈
    On the way back a big wave came in from behind and suddenly we were wet up to the ass 😱
    From no water to a lot of water in 1 sec 😳 That was actually scary. The ocean is extremely powerful here. After this wet experience, we decided to walk up to the lookout point! The view from here is really, unfortunately, it was very foggy over the beach.

    Then it was time to hit the road again and drive back. We were quite tired from our exhausting trip through the trees 😊

    For tonight and tomorrow, the weather forecast is horrible, so I will probably stay at the campground, but I will decide that tomorrow when I know more.
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  • Day8


    December 8, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Chilly day for me today. Due to the weather forecast, I decided to stay at the campground today and do simple nothing.
    Well, I made up my mind about the next days/weeks at least. The weather is really bad in the south part of the south island, so I decided to stay around a week up here in the north of the north island before I start to travel south. Hopefully, the weather is already getting better down there then, if not I will stay for a while in the Abel Tasman region.
    So I will be going to the races on Saturday here in Ackland as Marika's horse made it to the Interdominion Final for Trotters 🤩🤗

    In fact, the weather was quite good today. At least here but by all the big and black clouds that were passing over the campground only losing some drops here, I can imagine that it was raining really much in other places around Auckland.
    So all went out perfect 😊
    New adventures tomorrow 😉
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    Eva Eylert

    Oh, hast du eine Reisebegleitung? Sieht aus wie die Katze vom 1.Bild....

    Christina Eylert

    Gleicher Campingplatz, gleiche Katze 😉 Nur deutlich anhänglicher mittlerweile

    Alexandra Häggman

    Bor du där i bilen?

  • Day9

    Mt William and Vivien Falls

    December 9, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    This morning I went to Raglan.
    My first Stopp was not even 20 km away from the campground, Mt William.
    I thought this would be a nice walk to get started with. How could I be so wrong?! 🙈😳
    Oh my god, this was a really tuff one. For a while I thought my fitness level appears to be much worst then I was thinking, but in fact, the walk was really steep almost all the way 😳
    But the view was amazing up there! I have to admit, that I didn’t make it up to the top, I simply gave up when I had around 1/5 left 🙈

    After that, I went to Vivien Falls! This was just a very short and easy walk from the carpark, nice!
    A beautiful place where I spent some time, simply enjoying nature 😊
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