• Day37

    Only 8 lives left

    May 22, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Well woke up this morning and couldn't find Cousteau, panic, we walked up and down pontoons a couple of times even before breakfast, then standing alongside boat talking to John about what might have happened and I hear a truly pitiful wail from under my feet What the?
    OK so we now know where the cat is, under the pontoon, slats, but not how to get to her. We lay down and looked over the side of the pontoon there were a series of floating black squares on either side with 9inch gaps between them all round. So one of us was going to have to get wet and I wasn't sure the cat had long enough for John to get wetsuit ed booted and gloved so me it was. Water was warmer than expected. I had to get under pontoon into middle gap before I could see her looking very wet and sorry for herself, I squeezed between the slats and the floating black squares. To cut a long story short I bundled her into a bucket, that was squeezed between floating black squares to me, she wasn’t sure that was a good idea but I persuaded her and then she and bucket were again squeezed out and back to John. She was very grubby and wet. John did suggest afterwards that I should have taken waterproof camera with me for rescue but sorry at the time I was a bit too worried about the cat. She appears to be OK now.Read more