• Day381

    Cala turqueta, Menorca

    May 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Hello all, we are as the post suggests in Menorca. We left Mallorca on Monday afternoon after walking the Port Soller sights church, viewpoint, tower and forest. The tower took a bit of finding there were very few signposts, well only one official one and that was when you were in sight of the tower itself. We waited hoping that the sea would have calmed a bit more after Sunday’s blow, it had but not as much as I would have liked, so a lumpy start back up the coast past Tuent and Colabra then yet more stunning coast line. I really would like to be able to stay and do a proper walking holiday perhaps on the way back.
    Our initial plan was to head for the South coast of Menorca and find a sheltered Cala ready for the forecast NE winds due the arrive on Tuesday. The sea calmed more as we cleared the Mallorca headland, Formenter, I think it was called, so crossing the Menorca Channel seemed to be going well but around 9pm, when we were a little over half way across the wind started from the East OK plan B a Cala on west coast head into wind OK getting rougher, then about 10:30 the wind shifted again, this was not forecast we had checked on the way across, now from the South so beam on and dark nasty. It was over of John I concentrated on not being ill as he over us northeast so we could find somewhere on the north coast, we found Cala Algaiarens dropped anchor and to bed it was 1am.
    We awake to rain! Lots of it checked forecast the NE was expected around 2pm so we showered. It had been a while since a full shower, then breakie but the swell was already building so off we went. We had hoped to be able to look at the coast that we had passed in the dark but no it was still raining and to avoid some of the roll we had to steer north west, then south west to clear the point. But the north west corner of the island was really barren and flat there were some housing developments on the headlands near the second largest town but they looked perched there.
    The southern coast is lower and gently undulating from what we have seen so far, with beautiful inlets, Calas. We originally anchored in Cala son Sakura an open bay as some in the pilot book looked a bit narrow. As I had ti get solid ground under my feet we went ashore for a walk, there was nothing near so decided the follow the GR 223 around the coast when we reached the second inlet we decided to head back by a more direct route and bring the boat around Cala Turqueta is absolutely lovely and as importantly has less swell, so here we are fed and watered.
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