• Day507

    Rouen and the mast saga

    August 12 in France ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    We were up bright an early to see Christophe at the yard, he wasn’t so early but he did arrive. ‘What mast, no I have nothing, let me see’, none of this bothered us as we had seen the mast yesterday and knew it was there. ‘Oh is it this one, there is no label’. He was right but there were two pretty obvious sections where the wrapping had been removed ummm. ‘ My travel lift is broken since end of June, I don’t know when it is repaired, I couldn’t tell you as no details on the mast’. Well OK no details but we had emailed about its delivery a couple of days before it arrived to let him know it would be there the Tuesday after the bank holiday Monday and who accepts a mast they are not expecting? He had our details and just hoped lift would be repaired. He has no idea when it will be fixed, John asks about hiring Hi-abs or mobile cranes, nothing, he Christophe suggests we just go home wait and come back later. We can’t do this. ‘Oh there is a mobile crane coming tomorrow to lift another boat we ask him to do mast or maybe as it is travel lift not crane attachment that is broken I do on Friday’. Great so we get mast ready attaching cross trees fixing mast light etc. Then go into town for a look around, John has two flat tyres so we walk. Centre of town is very pretty, again loads of timbered houses and shops, a far few churches and a cathedral. The religious buildings are so incredibly decorative internally and even more so externally.Read more