• Day2

    Day 1 in Mascota - A Hike and a Parade

    December 12, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Our flat is in a great location, only about 2 blocks from the centre so it is close, but just far enough away for some peace and quiet. This is Mexico, you know! Always a cacophony of sounds.

    The first thing that we always have to do, is a basic food shopping. So, we wandered around a bit and found Mascota’s grocery store. It’s not big but seems to have a little of everything, including ... blocks of cheddar cheese! This area is an agricultural area with lots of cows in the valley so there will no problem finding dairy products.

    We couldn’t resist stopping at a taco stand on the way and the tacos were so good. A good decision, as we could not ignore the yummy smells coming from the stand.

    Food shopping was a breeze. If the store didn’t have something, like Bailey’s, the very helpful attendants pointed us out in the right direction to find those things. The people here are very helpful.

    The rest of the morning was spent cleaning everything in the kitchen to our standards. Now we were ready to settle into the next three weeks in Mascota.

    We ate ham and cheese sandwiches and then went out to explore a bit. The town is small but spread out. It is in a valley surrounded by mountains. People have lived here for hundreds of years.

    Last night we could see a lit cross high up on a small mountain, called Cerro de la Cruz. If there is a cross on a mountain there is probably a path leading to it. We walked from the main square, down our street to the beginning of the trail. The first part of the walk is on a rough road and then you go through a small gate to the trail. The path for the first part of the walk is wide and not too steep. About halfway up, 600 stairs (I counted) continue to the top and have been made with the names of Mascota’s families written on the face of the stairs. A cool idea.

    You pass a few horses and a few people walking their huskies and then you reach a place where there is a beautiful view of the city and a small chapel with archaeological finds placed around the site. Then the walk becomes steeper. At the top is the cross and a view of the entire valley. Not a long walk, but we are up about 4,500 ft and I am out of shape. Haha. Good exercise and a reward of a beautiful view at the top.

    We walked home at around 6:30 pm and it was still light outside. Once the sun goes behind the mountains, it gets dark quickly.

    Today is a big holiday for religious people in Mexico - Virgen de Guadalupe Day. I love the story about this Mexican virgin who is loved by all.

    Church bells have been ringing all day and fireworks scaring away evil spirits. In the early evening, people were walking to the centre as a long parade was going to take place. We joined the crowd and enjoyed the closeness of all the people. A real community. So many people were at the church that the service was held inside the big church as well as outside in the courtyards.

    Today was a nice introduction to the lovely little village of Mascota.
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