• Day81


    March 22 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    “ Nono’s has the best hamburgers and chicken wings in Mexico!’, or so we have been told by several people. So of course, when something is touted as ‘the best’, our curiosity becomes piqued. But curiosity also killed the cat … so will it be? We went for it.

    Nono’s tiny little restaurant is found on the main road in Lagunillas, our favourite market town. A funny altered MacDonald’s sign marks the spot. The owner and chief cook and probably bottle washer, Carlos, is a handsome man who formerly acted in a few Mexican movies. One movie was called El Guero.

    His little bar/restaurant is basically made up of a tiny cooking area, an equally tiny eating area, a bathroom out the back and a rustic wash up area. But the eating area was interesting. Twinkly lights and Mexican banners on the ceiling. A wall that had a collage of photos of famous Mexican actors as well as photos of Carlos. In the corner was hung a TV that either played music, showed soccer games or old time movies, like Treasure Island in Spanish. Dogs come and go and various people come in for a beer or something quick to eat.

    We have been there three times and would go every week if we were staying longer. Every time we have eaten his fantastic wings! He has a choice of three sauces - bbq, mango habanero, Or pineapple habanero. The two habanero ones are pretty spicy but wow, are they ever tasty. We haven’t even tried the hamburgers yet. Well, we still have 5 more days. I’m sure we can fit it in.

    Next door, his brother runs a mechanic shop. We met him too and his souped up Ford truck.
    We also got a tour of a newly renovated apartment that we, or anyone that we know, might want to rent. What a fun visit and such delicious chicken wings! Also the price was right. Last night’s wings for 2 people, French fries, 2 beers and tip cost us a total of $12.

    To miss eating there would have been a No-no. We are so happy we made the trip over the mountain to this cool little restaurant. Definitely a thumbs up!
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