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    April 6 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    We came home on a Tuesday and felt that we had the usual list of things to do to reintegrate back into life in pretty Fergus - unpack, laundry, food shop and best of all - a hot shower!! The first HOT shower in 3 months. Ahhhh.

    We pretty well spent the week getting caught up. On Friday, it was my 70th birthday. Seventy! Wow, and I am happy to say that I am healthy and happy. Gee, we have a good life. We are not afraid to have new experiences and acknowledge the best in the places that we have visited. Chris got me a lovely white gold bracelet for my birthday and it is just perfect. It’s not coming off!

    On Saturday, we went to Caitlin’s house to see everyone and exchange gifts. We sat outside and sat from apart as Covid is rising and it was a sunny day. Matt wasn’t feeling well so he sat far away from everyone. His birthday is on Sunday. It was a sweet reunion celebrated with Portuguese natas and Nathan’s homemade muffins.

    Matt went to the clinic and tested positive for Covid. 57 Guelph General Hospital staff have tested positive and 27 are still awaiting results. So he is sick. On Monday, Amy tested positive and on Tuesday Nathan saw a doctor as he has it too. He has a big cold sore on his lip from the virus. Audrey seemed to be okay but on Wednesday, she went to school for the morning and was sent home with a sore throat! Oh oh.

    Chris went to the pharmacy and picked up some free rapid Covid tests. Expect the unexpected mantra continues…

    While I have been finishing the blog, Chris has opened the cottage. The water and heat are on and he is cleaning the cottage, to get it ready for me. Haha. Maybe our family will be over Covid and will be able to get together on the Easter weekend.
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    OMG! Just finding this now. Welcome home! Yes, covid seems to be getting closer to all of us one way or another. Jeff and I still well, but it has been in the family! Be well and stay well! [Franki Robinson]


    And now you are on a wonderful adventure! Have fun! [Connie]