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  • Day16

    Day trip to Lajosmizse

    September 25, 2015 in Hungary ⋅ 🌫 17 °C

    The weather turned rainy, so our playout at the famous Fisherman's Bastian was cancelled. Because of the steepness, we were also advised not to even consider visiting today, so after meeting up with Sue and Glynn, the coach took us to a shopping centre. With a few differences, we could have been in a shopping centre anywhere in the world. After a bit of a walk around we ended up in Costa, where Gael and Vince bought a large hot chocolate, which would be best described as a bucketful!

    On boarding the coach again, we were driven around the streets, all my photos taken from the bus covered in dreary droplets. Donning our macs and umbrellas we were let out of the coach and headed for Bor La Bor for lunch for our first Budapest Hungarian lunch, chicken pancake for starters and chicken schnitzel for seconds. The rain eased a little bit after that, my photos from the bus at least showing some of the beautiful landmarks - University over in Buda, the 'whale' shaped building, all of which Sue and Glynn missed as they were heavily snoozing on the bus.

    We were heading this afternoon to Lajosmizse, south east of Budapest, where we were to be treated to a 'steppe' program, first being greeted by horsemen, and taken by horse drawn vehicles to sample some apricot brandy (Parlinka), and crackling cake, and then being treated to an amazing display of horse riding - great speed, standing on horseback (one foot on two different horses, horse discipline and training (sitting and lying still while whips being cracked - very skilful!

    Judith and James won a wine bottle each for knocking a bottle off a pole with a whip, and then we walked around looking at all the animals on the property - farm animals as well as many horses, and some endangered Hungarian sheep.

    We were also allowed a short ride if we wished. Some brave souls gave it a try, but I I'm glad I didn't, as the horses turned out to be quite big, and I wouldn't have even been able to get on! I'm sure Glynn wished he hadn't as he caused himself a bit of damage between his legs, which made him very uncomfortable, and put him off his dinner!

    Some gypsy entertainers then welcomed us into the eating area - a very good violinist, a bass player, and a cymbal player. They played the night away and we had had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening before returning to Budapest.
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    Trish Forrester

    Rainy day in Budapest

    Trish Forrester

    Inside Bor La Bor for a traditional Hungarian lunch

    Trish Forrester

    Being transported from the coach to the horse riding school in Lajosmizse

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