• Day133


    February 2, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    On Monday we set out to explore the city and the famous harbour. We chose to do it this day mainly to stay offline to not get spoiled on the super bowl result. What we didn't expect though was the large number of football fans that spilled out on the streets once the game was over - kickoff was at 10.30 local time - and the effort it took to avoid them. We crossed streets in impossible ways and Claire had to explore if a famous ice cream place was safe, before we could get our delicious treat. But seeing the game with THAT ending - and loads of wings -unspoiled was sure worth it.

    In the morning we had taken a 3 hour guided tour through the city centre where you pay what you think it was worth and what your budget allows you. One German family snuck away at the end without paying so much as a dollar which we found particularly cheap, especially since the tour was really good. We checked off most of the tourist attractions within the CBD - like town hall, the queen Victoria building, Hyde park, Martin square where the matrix scene with the red woman had been shot, the rum hospital, etc. - and around the harbour like the Rocks, harbour bridges and of course Sydney Opera House. Our guide delivered interesting pieces of extra information with his booming voice which sure was necessary in a group of 30.

    After the tour ended we had some amazing coffee/hot chocolate with our friend Michelle, went to lunch in Chinatown and had a look at Darling Harbour before returning home with Adam at the end of his workday. A really great day overall!
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