• Day6

    "I would've had a hernia by now"

    September 16, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Due to a slight weather implication we had a late start to the day. Our plans were to head on to spend the day in the Black Forest and travel along a picturesque portion of the Rhein river. Unfortunately the travel app that we downloaded hadn't updated recently, we thought the forecast was for a week of sunshine but its actually a week of drizzle. So we spent most of today travelling the autoban in the rain (see photo). Nick does a great job but I definitely couldn't drive here, I have to play Candy Crush to distract myself sometimes! We're going 150kmph and cars are RACING past. It's insane.

    We arrived at Nuremburg late afternoon and walked into the centre for a traditional dinner of Bratwurst sausages and potatoe salad (yep, that is potatoe salad!). There's an amazing castle right in the centre of the city too, it's now a series of paths for the public. I love how everything is repurposed here and brought in to the future. It's a great spot!
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    I couldn't drive either when we were over that way and the speeds, mind blowing. I hope the rain stops for you soon. Aren't the buildings and narrow streets with the shops etc lovely? Love Mum