• Day178

    One (new) fruit a day

    April 20, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    I discover a new fruit everyday here :)
    So, after sapota/chikoo, there is Ramphal - a sort of custard apple, chirimoya, more "creamcheese-like". A full dessert in itself. Even though one can use it to create awesome cheese cakes, for example :)

    There's also Amla, the Indian gooseberry, full of vitamin C and magical properties for the human body. Bigger than our European berries, it can be eaten raw, but it tastes kinda saur and one has to get used to it. They say it's very refreshing to take a bite of Amla, chew and swallow, then take a sip of water. I was eating it cut in pieces with my morning muesli...

    Oh and I tried the cashew fruit, which tastes kinda like... jackfruit? The cashew fruit is full of water.

    Here they also cook the banana flowers, but I don't know how as I didn't see or tried it.

    And Rabia told me about the coconut flowers that were sold on the Pondicherry market to be eaten !?? She had never seen it before even though she lives at the Reunion island, surrounded by coconut trees :))

    About the veggies, buttergourd curry is awesome, and okras as well when it's well cooked ...

    There are also numerous "greens" that I didn't have enough time to explore, but I can tell you a salad of green papaya, chicken spinach and coconut is heaven...
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