• Day190

    We found our paradise

    March 7, 2018 in Oman ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    There was this super steep downhill run, we literally dropped down to sea level, 700m on less than 10km. It was noontime, the sun was burning on our skin - and we knew that it would go up again as steep. We looked left into the wadi, saw the palms, saw that there was water (water in a wadi!) and could hear waves breaking somewhere. So let's go there, it seems to be a nice place (procrastination?)!

    It is called Wadi Suneik on our map and there was definitely no other option than staying the rest of the day and spend the night there :)

    We were actually running out of water, but luckily, we found a water canister with about 4 remaining liters we could use for cooking because the water in the wadi was too salty and there are no facilities, nobody and nothing, nature in its pure beauty. Strolling around the untouched palms felt somehow wild and bewildering and the vegetation made the access to the water a bit difficult.

    The real challenge was an access to the beach we could hear but not see. Swimming through the wadi for about 2km could have been an option, but too exhausting, so climbing along the rock face seemed natural, exhausting as well, but the effort provided a wonderful beach. Fishermen passing by were a bit surprised...

    Days like this feel like a real, natural adventure, we didn't know that this place exists, we didn't expect anything (except the steep drop and climb of the road we were not really looking forward to), we discovered this place by accident and explored it on our own, without any information. We spontaneously decided to spend the night there and listened to the 'concert of the jungle' at night, a starry sky above the palm roof. Our paradise.
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